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Sell Used IT Equipment

RepowerIT handles the complete IT disposal and sale process for many large companies nationwide (USA), including large publicly traded organizations across a variety of industries. If your company is looking to sell its surplus IT equipment, we can provide any of the following services:


  • A fast, one-time direct purchase of your equipment
  • Implementing a consignment program where we sell your equipment on your behalf, for a nominal fee. We have a large network of high paying buyers which enables us to maximize the sale price of any equipment we acquire.
  • IT recycling/scrap service for completely obsolete equipment which holds no value.

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Hard Drive Destruction

If your company has surplus equipment for sale which contains hard drives, we can ensure the security of your data by destroying it for you by incorporating our hard drive data destruction process into our purchase or consignment agreement with you. We can render hard drive data irrecoverable by:


  • Erasing all hard drive data with our DoD 5220.22-M compliant software (software which overwrites data to US Department of Defense standards) 

— and / or —

  • Physically destroying hard drives by using our crusher, which has a custom machined tip which penetrates the drive with approximately 6,000 pounds of force


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Hard Drive Destruction: How It Works

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Buy Used IT Equipment

We carry a large inventory of used & refurbished IT equipment which we acquire from our IT disposal contracts. The top products we purchase and sell include:

  • Used computers including desktop PCs, laptops, & Toughbooks
  • Used VOIP phones, wireless phones, or digital phones and phone systems
  • Used servers including Dell, HP, IBM, & white box
  • Used network hardware (Cisco, HP Procurve)
  • Used enterprise IT infrastructure
  • Used wireless equipment
  • Used tape libraries & storage systems

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