Refurbished Cisco Equipment – Routers, Switches, & Phones

//Refurbished Cisco Equipment – Routers, Switches, & Phones
Refurbished Cisco Equipment – Routers, Switches, & Phones 2017-08-19T22:26:31+00:00

Cisco Phone The quest to stay relevant never ends. Technology creates so many demands on your business; sometimes the cost and effort can seem positively untenable. Breakage, repair, obsolescence, maintenance, delivery… and the money involved! It’s enough to make you see red!

Simmer down, friend. We’ve got you covered.

RepowerIT is the premier reseller of premium equipment. If you want refurbished Cisco equipment (and you should!), we can deliver it substantially below retail. And with our logistics, experience, and warrantied products, you’re making moves that will keep your company ahead for the long haul.


The RepowerIT Way

When big companies are looking to liquidate their stores of hardware, they call us. We wheel it away, inspect it, and sell it refurbished to new buyers.

That means you get great toys in top working condition. And every piece of equipment that rolls out of our warehouses is stamped with our guarantee. So in the unlikely event that things get busted, you’ve got our word we’ll make good on it.

We offer awesome tech, great promises, and wads of cash left in your company’s coffers. You can’t miss with us!


About Refurbished Cisco Equipment

As long as you’re buying, you might as well buy the best. Insist on Cisco! Cisco’s reliability, innovation, and great customer support make it the industry standard. Accept no substitutes!

So what refurbished Cisco equipment do we have? Anything your business needs!

  • VOIP Phones
  • Switches
  • Wireless Equipment/Controllers
  • Routers
  • Firewall/Security Appliances
  • And any conceivable replacement part or accessory

If it’s got the Cisco name on it, we’ve gone out of our way to get it.

And should you require new Cisco equipment, we can help there too. We’ve got fantastic relationships with retail Cisco sellers, so we enjoy big savings… and so do you!


Getting Started

Ready to talk refurbished Cisco equipment? Just reach out! Tell us what your business needs and we’ll introduce you to some solutions. Our troops will be unwrapping the goodies and giving you the edge in no time!


Buy refurbished Cisco

If you are instead looking to sell used Cisco equipment, or surplus new Cisco, we’d like to know what you have for sale.  Visit our Sell Through Us form and we can provide you with a direct purchase or consignment offer if we’re interested.