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cisco LogoExpansion, trade, manifest destiny- the Web has turned us into explorers and pioneers again! Staking a larger claim for your business is as simple as building up your network.

Unfortunately, that can be an expensive proposition.

Never fear- RepowerIT’s got you covered. You can buy switches from us at a fraction of retail, and you needn’t worry about trading coin for junk. We recommend going for the industry standard, so you’ll want to buy refurbished and used Cisco switches in plenty.


Why Buy Cisco Switches?

You need products that will improve your business’s profitability, increase productivity, trim cost from your infrastructure, and ensure security. That’s Cisco all over.

Cisco is innovative, reliable, and has great customer service and third-party support. You simply can’t go wrong with their wares, but being the best commands a big investment.

Or at least it used to.


The RepowerIT Way

When companies need to liquidate or downsize their operations, they call us. We clean house for them, take it back to our place, and put their old toys through their paces. Once we’re satisfied they’re performing at top specs, we turn right around and sell them to you.

When you buy refurbished and used Cisco switches from us, you’re getting guaranteed goods at a fraction of their original cost. That means you can treat yourself to a superior network with cash left to burn.


What We’ve Got

We specialize in switches, routers, and wireless appliances. The 3700 series, well known for their easy deployment, compact design, and quiet performance, is one of our favorites.

Looking for another Cisco series? Considering new switches over used? No problem. We have fantastic relationships with vendors. That means we get great prices… and so do you!


Getting Started

Ready to buy switches? Just reach out and tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll get back with you in no time.

Also, be sure to mention any equipment that you’re looking to discard. Your old stock may be valuable to us, and we can collect and deliver at once. It can mean convenience and profit in one swoop!

Since you’re in the market for buying new Cisco switches, have you considered what you will do with the old?  We provide quick and competitive bids to purchase used/surplus IT equipment (switches, routers, VOIP phones, server equipment) and would like to not only serve as your partner to sell you new Cisco equipment, but also to buy your excess.