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Purchasing Assistant

Position: Purchasing Assistant

Location: Guyton, GA

Compensation:  30k Salary, 401k + match, paid holidays, flexible paid time off.  Competitive bonuses may be provided to reward excellent performance.  Opportunity for advancement available.


RepowerIT is a reseller of new and refurbished IT equipment including desktops/laptops, network equipment, servers, VOIP phones, and more. We are a small but quickly growing company with an 8,000 square foot facility conveniently located on highway 17 in Guyton, approximately 25 minutes from Pooler/Rincon, and 35 minutes from Savannah/Statesboro.

We’re looking for a very technically savvy person who has a sales mindset and has no problem cold-calling businesses.

You will be responsible for:

  • Generating leads of prospective businesses to call
  • Calling prospective businesses and introducing our company/services
  • Getting added to bid/solicitation lists, and forwarding opportunities to the purchasing manager


  • Strong knowledge of computer hardware
  • Very professional demeanor
  • Excellent verbal and typing skills
  • Be highly motivated and able to work without supervision
  • Ability to make 75+ calls a day
  • Be able to self-generate leads

You won’t rack up a dry cleaning bill working for us – we have a casual attire atmosphere.

Please do not call or visit us in person regarding employment. All applications will be reviewed promptly. We sincerely appreciate your interest, and will reply if we have questions.

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