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Liquidation services for the healthcare and medical industryWe work with a number of hospitals, with as little as 300 staff up to over 10,000 employees when they need hard drive data destroyed, and also sell their surplus IT and medical equipment.  We can go on-site to your location, conduct a complete inventory of the equipment your organization has, and either directly purchase it from you, or sell it on your behalf by putting in place a revenue share contract where you consign the sale of those assets to our company.  Doing so takes a lot of time off of yours hands, and provides you with access to our large amount of industry experience.

In the healthcare segment, we have sold anything from Motion Tablet PCs, to health and fitness equipment, medical equipment assets, furniture, and even mainframe servers.

We can securely destroy all sensitive hard drive data contained within IT assets, take care of the removal, and get your hospital top dollar for that equipment.  Tell us what you have for sale.