Cloud, Consulting, Business IT Support

RepowerIT offers comprehensive IT support and consulting services to organizations, along with a variety of cloud solutions. Whether you have a small to medium size business that needs ongoing technology support, or a larger business with its own internal IT department which requires cloud products, or consulting for special projects, our experts are here to help. 

Cloud & Business IT Services

Your organization can outsource the cost of its IT support and management functions to us. Our customized plans can handle new employee IT setup and termination, management of your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 accounts, endpoint security, data backup, assistance with software updates, and more. If you are setting up a new business, moving your office location, or adding new seats, we can help with the planning and implementation of computer equipment, network hardware, or your entire IT infrastructure. 

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IT Consulting Services

Regardless of your organization’s size, it’s sometimes useful to bring in outside consulting help for various projects. Whether that involves integrating a new phone system, wired or wireless network planning and installation, or data security and backup, to name a few common scenarios. Our team has a variety of experience handling these types of projects and we can work with your team to implement a plan that is right for you. 

Backup and disaster recovery

Data security, and whether it is accessible in the event of an adverse incident, is what differentiates an organization which can continue its operations versus one which cannot. What will your organization do if you are hit with a cyber attack? What about a natural disaster, or an unscrupulous employee?

Securing your data and having it backed up off-site is critical to the function of your organization.  RepowerIT offers a variety of tools and experience to help keep your company’s data secure both onsite and off.

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