Buy Used Cisco Equipment

cisco Logo You must know we’re the place to come for serious servers and computers. But the fanciest computers and most powerful servers are dead in the web without a robust network. Without the ability to quickly connect to your customers and clients, the rest might as well be paperweights.

Lucky for you, we have everything you need to keep those conversations going. And if you’re looking for the industry standard, you want to buy used Cisco. Their track record is impeccable, their technicians and support are top notch, and their reliability is nearly bulletproof.

Unfortunately, Cisco products command a premium price tag. But before you despair, listen to where we come in…

Buy New & Refurbished Equipment

Did you know that you can get factory new and refurbished equipment without the huge cost? RepowerIT offers brand new and refurbished equipment for a fraction of the cost on our online storefront.

The RepowerIT Way

When companies need to liquidate or downsize their operations, they call us. We clean house for them, take it back to our place, and put their old toys through their paces. Once we’re satisfied they’re performing at top specs, we turn right around and sell them to you.

When you buy used Cisco from us, you’re getting guaranteed goods at a fraction of their original cost. That means you can treat yourself to a superior network with cash left to burn.


What We HaveUsed Cisco

We have inspected Cisco routers, wireless access points (WAP), and firewall and security appliances of every stripe!

If you’re looking for Cisco switches, ditto there too. Our most common models are from the WS-C2960, WS-C3560, and WS-C3750 series.

And finally, ask us about our VoIP phones. Cisco makes a great line of them, and they’re certain to spruce up your operations.

Piqued your interest? If you’re looking to have a network that will be in envy of your competitors, it only makes sense to buy used Cisco from us. Visit today and let’s start a fruitful collaboration!


In addition to used Cisco network equipment, we frequently sell competing brands such as used HP Procurve equipment.

Contact us today to receive a current inventory list. Get started by visiting our Buy From Us page.