cisco-phoneIs it time for your organization to update its phone system? Maybe you’re tired of the high costs of your current carrier, the lack of integration, or just feel your operation could use some sprucing up. Consider the benefits of refurbished phone systems, specifically VoIP phones.

The Old Way – PSTN Phones

Public switched telephone network phones (PSTN) are what we grew up with. If you’re reading this, it’s likely your organization is still using them. As the technology’s age suggests, the brunt of the network is made up of cables- telephone wires, fiber optic, undersea lines, and so on.

Phones are physically patched into it, making an analog connection. It’s practically ancient- as old as the commercial use of the telephone! This dense physical network is subject to strict regulation, government oversight, and corporate control. That means that it falls into the hands of very few companies which are large enough to handle the enormous hurdles and maintenance. As a consequence, the prices they set for their services are often inflated and arbitrary.

The New Way – VoIP Phones

Enter VoIP phones (Voice over Internet Protocol), a happy byproduct of the digital age. Your internet service is powered by an IP network- packets of information travelling over an intangible frontier. The web wouldn’t be the web without it. The same technology that links computers can now link telephones.

You speak into a receiver, your voice is digitally recorded, and it’s instantly sent over the IP network as data. That means that any internet service provider is a potential phone company too. And data’s become very cheap to move. The bottom line: you can now avoid phone companies altogether and still receive premium phone service!

With all that said, VoIP phones offer so many clear benefits over legacy phone systems.

Advantages of VoIP Phones

Cost – Since your calls are no longer in the hands of traditional carriers, you’re no longer subjected to their often ridiculous prices for long distance and international calls. The cost of equipment and maintenance is also significantly reduced, especially if you buy refurbished phone systems.

Integration – Practically any device on your network can now be patched into your VoIP system. That means tasks like email transcription, Skyping, and even buzzing someone through a door can be done through your phone.

Collaboration – Because the data’s so compressed, a VoIP system can handle information from many simultaneous users. That means that conference calls and file sharing can be bundled into one smooth, effortless session.

•  Better features – The features that traditional phone systems are so fond of charging for- caller ID, extra voicemail space, and added numbers to name a few-are dirt cheap or free through VoIP carriers.

You’ll save money, boost teamwork, and spare yourself a lot of headaches by transitioning to VoIP. So are you ready to bring your phones into the new world? Contact us today!