ringcentral-authorized-resellerRepowerIT is a RingCentral Authorized Reseller

If your company is in the market for new VOIP phones, you might want to take a look at your phone bill too.  As a RingCentral Authorized Reseller, RepowerIT can set you up with one of the biggest VOIP phone service providers in the business, while also providing deeply discounted rates on the VOIP phones you need.

Why Choose RingCentral

A few years ago, we had our phone system with a different VOIP service provider. We had an extended period of downtime which caused us an immeasurable loss, and as a result, performed our due diligence and decided to switch VOIP providers.

We moved our service to RingCentral.

In the time we’ve used RingCentral’s VOIP phone service, we’ve been very pleased with the overall level of service, customer support, and pricing. It’s because of our positive first-hand experience in dealing with them over the past few years that we decided to become a RingCentral reseller.

Learn more about Ringcentral: 

Why Choose RepowerIT

Since our company specializes in selling surplus IT equipment, being a reseller of phone service allows us to do even more for our customers.  We typically carry a large inventory of brand new in-box Cisco and Polycom VOIP phones, some of which are the same models that are sold on the RingCentral site, except our prices tend to be 30-50% less.

The reason we’re able to offer our phones for so much less is because we regularly liquidate large surpluses of corporate IT equipment.  Sometimes a company buys too many phones, and never ends up using them.  They then sell those phones to us at a steep discount, and we can pass the savings along to you.

By having RepowerIT set up your VOIP service, you can get discounted pricing on your monthly bills, while also saving BIG on the actual phones that you buy.

Next Steps

Now, while we’ve certainly had a positive experience with RingCentral’s VOIP phone service, your experiences may differ.  As a result, we encourage you to research who you want to sign up with as your VOIP service provider, check out reviews and recommendations from other sources, and come to your own decision.

If you end up selecting RingCentral – or have any questions specific to the services provided by RingCentral, we’re very familiar with the service and are happy to help in any way we can.

To learn more, you can give us a call at 855-487-3769, or fill out the Quick Contact form at the bottom right corner of this page, and we’ll respond to you promptly – usually within 1 business hour.