A computer is conversation.
It’s teachers talking with students, hospitals talking with patients, governments talking with citizens, businesses talking with customers.

The idea of leaving that conversation is inconceivable. But the chore and cost of refitting an entire organization with computers can be overwhelming. There’s no choice in the matter, yet sometimes it’s time and money that can’t be spared.

The solution? Buy used computers. And buy from those who understand the importance of the conversation.

Enter RepowerIT.  We want to keep you talking. Here’s how we’ll do it.



When you buy used computers, they have used price tags. You can outfit your organization at a fraction of the cost of buying new.  But there’s used, and then there’s used. How do you know we’ve got the good stuff?

We have a very specific job, and we’re very good at it. When organizations are looking to mass update or liquidate their equipment, they call us. We go in, take everything off their hands, and free up their space. As a result, we’ve got lots of great computers. Most work perfectly, and the ones that don’t will never make it inside your building. We’ve seen more than our share of hardware, and we know how to spot a winner.

Words are wind- just because someone has your business doesn’t mean they have your back. That’s why we guarantee every product we sell. If something goes wrong, that’s on us and we’ll make it right.  If you dropped out of the conversation, we couldn’t sleep at night.

You’ll be like a kid in a candy store! HP, Dell, IBM, Lenovo… laptops and desktops for every conceivable need. We’ve got something that will suit your organization to a tee. That’s not to mention all we can do to spruce up your current machines. Whether you need to add storage, replace drives, or expand memory, we can bring it with thrift and panache. We know all the tricks to keep you in the conversation, and we’re keen to show you. Buy used computers from us today!