Blue And White Ethernet Cables In Patch Panel.Buy Refurbished Electronics

Did you know that buying refurbished electronics is good for your company and the environment? Find out how to purchase IT equipment from RepowerIT today.

According to DoSomething, electronic waste accounts for about 2 percent of trash in American landfills. While that number may not seem like a lot, consider that e-waste accounts for 70 percent of all toxic waste due to the large amount of lead that such products contain.

So what exactly does refurbished electronics have to do with e-waste? Simply put, refurbishing a product keeps items from being discarded and from releasing their toxins into the environment. And that’s just one benefit to buying refurbished electronics. Here’s a look at more:


Electronics that have been refurbished are most often minimally used. Most likely, the items were purchased brand new, gently used, and then liquidated to RepowerIT. While some may regard refurbished and used products as lower quality, we guarantee that you will see no difference when using the product.

Often, we receive electronics that work perfectly besides one moving part. When specific parts in electronics break they require a simple switching out before being tested and resold. With these easy replacements, you are getting a full-working, high quality electronic device every time.

So while refurbished does indeed mean used, RepowerIT assures you that each product is tested and up to par for you and your business’s needs.


When you buy refurbished, you’re not buying new – and there’s a cost savings associated with this. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a refurbished electronic product to sell for half the price compared to if you were purchasing brand new. That’s a considerable advantage for businesses with a tight budget.

More Features

Have you ever passed on an advanced model of an electronic product because it cost too much? If you buy refurbished, you’re paying less for more. So you can splurge on that neat product add-on or a more sophisticated model due to the money that you’re saving on the overall product itself.

It’s Green

Just because it’s worth mentioning again, buying refurbished electronics promotes a sustainable society. Today, it’s estimated that only about 12.5 percent of all electronics items are recycled. Refurbished electronics take a would-be useless electronic item and repair it so that it works like new.


While some manufacturers don’t offer a manufacturer’s warranty on their electronics, RepowerIT stands behind what we sell and provides a separate warranty, giving all buyers piece of mind.
So just what type of electronics can you buy refurbished? Virtually anything you can think of, including:

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Servers
  • Phone systems
  • Monitors
  • Network hardware
  • Much more

RepowerIT is the leader in the refurbished electronics industry. Contact us today for more information on buying refurbished electronics today.