Server Rack Hard DisksIt’s time for you to grow.  To put more of yourself out there.  To get a bigger piece of the internet pie.

That is sweet! And you wouldn’t be at this point if you weren’t already one smart cookie.

So let us help you into another smart decision.  Buy used servers.  And buy them from someone who’s as good at their work as you are at yours.
What We Do
“Used”- the word has a bad rep. The image of greasy merchants and shoddy, fly-by-night operations is a mental reflex.

We get it. But that’s not us.

RepowerIT has two jobs. First, we go into data centers that are liquidating or updating. We pay for their equipment, clean house, and carry it away. That gives us racks upon racks of top shelf, gently handled servers.

The second job happens when you buy used servers from us. We cherry pick from our stock, giving you every penny’s worth of fresh hardware. Everything that ships from us is inspected, tested, and guaranteed. We can often overnight equipment, and no job is too big or too far to get you set up quickly.

What We’ve Got
We have some occasional exotics, but our bread and butter comes from Dell and HP servers. Typically we’ll have the following on hand:

  • Dell PowerEdge R310, R410, R610, R710 rack-mount servers
  • Dell M1000e Blade Enclosures
  • Dell M600, M610, M710 blade servers
  • HP C7000 BladeSystem Enclosures
  • HP BL460c, BL465c, BL680c, BL685c blade servers

Need to freshen up the servers you already have? We’ve got you covered there too! We offer a whole line of parts that get will get your current operations up to snuff:

  • CPUs and Processors
  • Memory Kits & RAM
  • Power Supplies
  • RAID Cards   
  • Hard Drives   
  • Hot Swap Trays (Caddy) for Dell & HP Servers
  • Replacement Boards
  • FC Cards 

The Next Step
Ready to have a conversation? Just move over to our quick quote form and we’ll start chatting.

Buy used servers from RepowerIT- it’s the start of a smart and beautiful collaboration.