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So you’re looking to purchase some new servers and build up your network? Congratulations- it’s a good feeling to expand your operation! But with that resolve comes a whole host of important concerns. There are drivers to think of, redundancy, storage, components- and last but certainly not least, budget and durability.

To these last two concerns, investing in refurbished servers and server equipment is often the way to go. But how do you make a purchase that’s right for the long haul and easy on the purse strings? Here are some friendly tips to keep in mind when you’re ready to shop.

Refurbished vs. Used

When it comes to refurbished servers and server equipment, what’s the difference between “used” and “refurbished” condition? Well, less than you might think.
Setting the two words against each other is really nothing more than a marketing ploy. All refurbished servers are used. They’re often carted off as the result of a company’s bankruptcy, downsizing, or server upgrades. In short, there’s nothing to be refurbished because the units are still in perfect working condition!

Refurbishment is a sexier word. Sometimes it comes in a shinier box, and practically always at a higher price. But don’t be fooled- any honest dealer would be ashamed to sell you equipment that’s going to hurt your organization. Around the office, we have our own term for servers unfit to ship- spare parts!



The next thing you want to realize about refurbished servers and server equipment is that they aren’t usually covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Does that mean you’re sunk if it breaks down? It depends on who you’re doing business with.

First, servers are pretty hearty machines. When one “breaks down” it’s usually nothing more than an exhausted part- a fan, for example. It’s a cinch to fix the vast majority of these problems.
Second and more importantly, the absence of a manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t leave you without support. At least not if you’re buying from a reputable dealer. RepowerIT makes its own guarantees on every purchase, and we back it up with our reputation. In the end, that’s all a warranty ever is- your confidence in the people making the promises.

The Bottom Line

When you’re doing business with us, you’re getting the best condition servers and our word that we’ll do right by them. So if they’re up to your specs, rest assured that our refurbished servers and server parts are the best your organization can buy.
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