Have an in-house IT department in need of professional assistance?

If your company has an internal IT staff, their individual knowledge and experience may be limited. Our managed IT services grant you access to a diverse team of experts with a wide range of technical proficiencies. Our professionals stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices. With a collective pool of knowledge, RepowerIT brings comprehensive expertise to the table, allowing us to handle any technology challenge that comes your way.

With RepowerIT, managing your IT services can become an efficient and stress-free process.

Co-managed IT services bridge the gap between the traditional MSP model and in-house IT management. Essentially, co-managed IT services enable businesses to leverage the expertise and resources of an MSP while retaining a portion of their IT management responsibilities in-house. Businesses can choose the services they wish to outsource to the MSP and retain control over the aspects of their IT environment that remain in-house.

Are co-managed IT services a good fit for your organization?

Co-managed IT services are an excellent solution for businesses that want to maximize their technology investment while retaining a portion of their IT management functions. These services are particularly well-suited for businesses with IT departments that seek to augment their capabilities. For businesses striving to achieve IT optimization while maintaining internal control, co-managed IT services are an ideal solution. 

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