Computer Equipment Buyback

At RepowerIT we ensure all of our clients’ computer equipment is properly handled and processed. Part of every buyback process is putting together a personalized plan for how we will handle your pre-owned or surplus new assets. This custom plan can include everything such as packing, logistics, data destruction, audit/test, and reporting. 

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Data Erasure or Destruction

If data destruction is required as part of your project, our technicians begin a multi-step inspection process of ensuring that no data gets left behind. In most cases, complete systems can be wiped with their drives inside of them. Each machine is also opened for visual inspection, to ensure that no unrecognized drives are physically installed (or disconnected) which the wipe process would have missed. Each drive serial is cross referenced with our reporting software to ensure that drive has been fully wiped (or removed and destroyed), and all wiped drives are labeled to indicate completion of the process.

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Computer Diagnostics

Each surplus computer (desktops, laptops, tablets) are run through diagnostic testing to ensure the proper operation of components, and verification that each unit is complete. From here our team determines the cosmetic grade of the computer, whether it will be parted out for components such as RAM, CPU, and GPU or if it will be put through our complete refurbishment process and prepared for retail sale through our various sales channels.

Inventory & Reporting

Upon completion of physically handling the device, all PCs we purchase are received into our inventory system. This data will include the brand (typically Dell, HP, Lenovo, Mac), model, serial, configuration and grading data, among other attributes. All of these data points enable us to provide your organization with thorough reporting as to what exactly we received. 

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