Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

It’s not an issue of if a data loss incident is going to occur, but when. Modern problems deserve modern solutions. Being able to ensure your data is safe, secure, and properly backed up can seem like a monstrous task on its own. Then comes recovery if you ever need to access those backups due to disaster. Backup and disaster recovery can no doubt be a timely and costly affair, but with RepowerIT as your data backup partner, data loss can be a thing of the past. 

Backup Solutions

RepowerIT has multiple solutions to help keep your organization’s data secure, reliable, and accessible. Based on your business needs we have the ability to deploy local appliances for backup, cloud only backup, cloud only backup with rapid restore, and hybrid backup solutions that utilize both local appliances and cloud backup. We realize every organization’s needs are different, and can create a custom plan for you and your business. 

Chain-free Backup

Chain-based backup technology is a legacy architecture which most data backup and storage has traditionally been based on. When utilizing traditional chain-based backup technology, your company runs a higher risk of data loss from corruption and malware infection due chain-based technology’s dependent nature of relying on the previous recovery point. With chain-free backup, every recovery point of your organization’s data is independent, more reliable, and easier to access.

Beyond Malware Recovery

Disaster recovery goes beyond recovering data after it has been corrupted or infected with malware. Many organizations prioritize protecting data from cyberattacks, and often overlook protecting it from natural disasters and other physical or functional risks. If you only utilize local backup you run the risk of losing all data due to flood, fire, theft, or any of the numerous other types of incidents your facility may face in a disaster. With RepowerIT and our skilled team of cloud backup and disaster recovery experts, your data can be protected onsite and offsite, decreasing the amount of time it takes to recover from data loss.

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