Data Center Liquidation, IT Equipment Disposal

Do you have a data center or colocation cage you are decommissioning equipment from? If so, RepowerIT can provide you with a customized, turnkey solution for your project. We specialize in server, network hardware, and storage decommission projects of all scales. All it takes to get started is to send us an itemized list of the equipment you are looking to sell, and we can provide you with a customized plan detailing how we can handle your project in a simple, streamlined process.

The onsite work we can provide

When choosing the right company to work with for your data center liquidation project, it’s important to find one that provides you peace of mind, and competence. Other companies require you to do a lot of the heavy lifting and prep work, but when partnering with RepowerIT, we can do that work for you if it hasn’t already been completed. 

Upon request, highly sensitive drives can be wiped or destroyed onsite, prior to ever being removed from their secure environment.

From removing cabling from its overhead channels, to unracking equipment and removal of the racks themselves, our expert team can handle it all. We have the expertise needed to safely pack your equipment onsite and transport it to our facility. Regardless of your location, RepowerIT can provide the thoroughness of service your organization requires.

Data center cage

Equipment processing

After your equipment arrives at our facility, it will undergo our complete sort and testing process. This includes:

  • Sorting equipment for disposal vs resale
  • Data erasure & destruction, if applicable to your project
  • Removal of any physically identifying information such as company asset tags, notes, or other labels
  • Test and reset equipment to default settings
  • Inventory of resale equipment which includes key data points such as brand, model, serial numbers, configuration details, cosmetic condition, and a description of any issues

Upon completion, detailed reporting can be provided in spreadsheet format along with agreed upon or proposed pricing per unit. If data destruction was a part of your project with us, a certificate of data destruction will be provided.

Learn more about our IT Buyback process

Contact a member of our team at 855-487-3769 or fill out our buyback inquiry form, and a member of our purchasing team will reply to you promptly.  Most inquiries through our site are responded to, by a real person, the same day.

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