Google Workspace & Microsoft 365

As a certified Google and Microsoft partner, RepowerIT can take over your direct-bill or existing reseller accounts, or can handle migration of data from your organization’s existing email provider. If this would be a new setup, we can implement domain-based email, handle adding and removing users, set up services on devices, along with billing and renewal as your partner of record for services. 

Already use Google or Microsoft?

Whether you manage your own Microsoft or Google account yourself, or have another provider managing it, RepowerIT can take over those responsibilities for you. If you’re account is directly billed with either provider, or if it’s with another reseller, we can transfer it to us. Having your account managed by our team helps enable you to run your business, rather than having to worry about supporting your accounts.

Data Backup for Google Workspace & Microsoft 365

Unknown to many, there are legal disclaimers in the terms of use from both providers which state that it is your responsibility to back up your data. What happens when an unscrupulous employee decides to delete all of their account data? Or, if they delete all of the data in shared company folders? 

With RepowerIT as your Google or Microsoft partner, we make protecting your data easy with our optional cloud backup service. We have multiple options to streamline backing up your email, as well as data stored in your organization’s Google and Microsoft accounts. In today’s interconnected world, data breaches and loss aren’t a question of if, but when.

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