On-site, off-site, data destruction anywhere.

Ensuring that your end of life technology equipment has had its data properly erased, or that the drives have been physically destroyed, is a critical aspect of the technology decommissioning process. RepowerIT is able to erase, or physically destroy all types of  HDD, SSD, & M.2 SSD. As part of your project, we can provide a serialized list of all devices which we’ve erased or destroyed.

The hard drive erasure solutions we utilize conform to the latest standards, and our options for physical destruction enable us to destroy your drives either at your location, or at ours. Whatever your erasure or destruction requirements are, we can custom tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Hard Drive Erasure

The data erasure software we utilize logs the model and serial number (plus other data points) for every drive we erase. Our erasure solutions are capable of wiping all types of drives, including HDD, SSD, and M.2. We’re able to erase MacBooks with T2 chips. Certificates of data erasure are easy for us to provide to you, when your drives are erased through our software.

Hard Drive Shredding

RepowerIT has invested heavily into ensuring that our physical hard drive destruction solutions keep up with the ever decreasing size of data storage devices. Our hard drive shredder has two chambers, one for HDD, and the other for SSD. When shredding hard drives, SSD must be shred to a much finer size than HDD because of the smaller chip size on the boards. Learn more about our hard drive & SSD shredding services.

On-site Hard Drive & SSD Destruction

For remote use cases, we have a Garner PD-5 hard drive crusher, with transport case. This enables our team to travel anywhere power is available to physically destroy your drives on-site before they ever leave your location. At the press of a button, this device crushes hard drives with significant force, and leaves no mess behind. Our machine includes the optional SSD-1 insert to puncture every chip on your solid state drive, ensuring complete destruction of the chips contained within.

As long as power is available, our crusher is small and clean enough to be used inside a data center cage or office, no matter how small.

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