Savannah Area Hard Drive Shredding Service
Locally Owned & Operated

RepowerIT is a locally owned company based in Effingham County, Georgia. Our Guyton, GA facility provides hard drive shredding service to businesses, government, educational organizations, and individuals throughout the greater Savannah, Effingham County, and Statesboro area. Being local, we’re able to offer the lowest prices in the area for hard drive shredding while providing the option for you to watch as your hard drives are destroyed.

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What Hard Drives We Shred – HDD & SSD

Our hard drive shredder has two chambers with different sized cutting heads to accommodate hard disk drives (HDDs) as well as solid states drives (SSDs). HDDs are shredded to 1.5″ width and SSDs are shredded to 3/8″ width. Our shredder destroys approximately 180-200 hard drives per hour. See a video of our machine in action:

Hard Drive Shredding for Businesses & Individuals

We price our hard drive shredding services per drive, so our pricing is affordable to businesses of all sizes, and individuals. The more hard drives you shred, the lower your price per drive will be. Our typical customers include:

  • Businesses which have accumulated old/non-working equipment over time
  • Businesses which recently upgraded their IT equipment and need to get rid of the old hardware
  • Individuals who have several hard drives from old computers

Decommissioned computers and servers sitting around your office can be a data breach liability waiting to happen. Rather than continuing to sit on them and risk an unscrupulous person from accessing confidential data, we’ll shred your old hard drives for a modest fee.

IT Buyback Program Hard Drive Shredding

If your organization is interested in selling used IT equipment, we provide full-service ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) solutions which can handle your one-time, or repeat IT disposal requirements. Hard drive shredding service can oftentimes be provided at no cost as part of our buyback process. Please contact a member of our team to discuss your specific situation.

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