From Point A To Point BIf you are looking to sell used IT equipment, our team of used IT equipment buyers can help coordinate the entire process with you, from inventory to shipping – and we provide multiple options to work with you depending upon whether you’d like to get paid for your equipment right away, or have us sell it for you over time where you’d generally get more money in the long term. Read below to weigh your options and determine which may be the best fit for you.

The Direct Purchase Process
We are a cash buyer of surplus business assets.  This gets your organization prompt payment for its equipment.  Direct purchase offers are generally to buy your equipment as-is, where-is, and based upon the limited amount of information which you provide us about your equipment.  Learn more about Direct Purchase.

The Consignment Process
RepowerIT is your partner in the sale of your equipment, enabling you to truly maximize the amount of money your organization receives for its equipment – and best of all, we do all of the work for you.  We collect your equipment, inventory it to industry standards by identifying all key data points that buyers need to know about your items, and aggressively pursue top dollar for your assets through our strategic sales process.  Read more about Consignment.

Hard Drive Destruction
We can wipe or physically destroy your hard drives, rendering the data contained within them irrecoverable.  Learn more about hard drive destruction.