Data Center Liquidation,  IT Equipment Disposal

RepowerIT specializes in data center liquidation projects, both small and large.  Whether your data center is closing or upgrading, and you’d like to sell the used IT equipment, all we require is a list of the items you are selling and we can help you with your IT equipment disposal. We provide you with a competitive offer to buy your surplus equipment and make it a streamlined, simple process for you.


Our team of used IT equipment buyers can help you sell networking equipment of all types. We have experience buying all kinds of corporate used IT equipment, and we can also recycle anything which does not carry any resale value. If data security is of concern, we can degauss, wipe, and/or physical destroy the data contained within any hard drives if contracted to perform this service as a part of our purchase agreement with you.

We have a proven process when acting as your network liquidators and handle everything for you, including:

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  • Removal of equipment from the racks
  • Carting of equipment by hand to the data center’s loading dock
  • Packing of equipment onto our truck
  • Transport of equipment to our facility for processing
  • Hard Drive Data Destruction services via erasure and/or physical destruction to DoD 5220.22-M and NIST 800-88 standards
  • Major brands purchased include Cisco, Procurve, HP & Dell Blade Servers, and more
  • Sell used data center IT equipment
  • Buyers of used LCD monitors
  • Buyers of used Cisco phones, including Nortel and some other major brands

Some other companies will require that you do a lot of preparation work before the equipment is removed from the racks.  We keep it easy for you, and while we’re headquartered in southeast Georgia (in the United States), it does not matter where on the planet your data center liquidation project is.  We’ll travel to your country, anywhere in the world to unscrew equipment from racks, get it packed safely, and shipped to us.


We'll do all the work of removing equipment from the racks, cabling from the ceiling, and racks from the cage.

We’ll do all the work of removing equipment from the racks, cabling from the ceiling, and racks from the cage.

Beware of “companies” that are merely “flippers”, who do not have their own physical business presence.  We have our own staff, facility, equipment, and our own money that we use when we buy used data center equipment.  As a result – when we pick up your equipment, you actually know where it’s going, and are dealing with the actual decision-makers who issue the payment for your product.  We carry extensive product insurance that covers IT equipment while in transit to us.

When we act as your network liquidators, we typically will need a few days to test it before we issue payment.  This is to protect ourselves from defective equipment, or equipment which has not been properly represented to us.  It’s understandable that you also want protection, which is why when we buy used data center equipment, we provide you with a purchase contract outlining the individual price per line item.  This way, if there are any discrepancies, there is no question as to the values of individual items – so we can’t go and “change things” at our own discretion on you down the road.

On that note, we have many satisfied, well-known clients who would gladly serve as positive references to confirm that we do what we say we will do, and pay when we say that we will.

We hope that RepowerIT is able to serve as your data center liquidator for years to come.  Contact a member of our team at 855-487-3769 or fill out our Quick Contact Form and a member of our purchasing team will reply to you promptly.  Most inquiries through our site are responded to, by a real person, within minutes.