Data Center Migration and Server Relocation Services


If your company is setting up for data center relocation, whether closing or simply moving offices, RepowerIT can help.  We’re an IT reseller dealing in both new and used equipment – and we work with expensive equipment every day.  Whether your company is looking to sell the used equipment in your data center, or you require full data center relocation services  we can to buy your surplus equipment or offer server relocation services to handle whatever it is you need, almost anywhere in the world.

The process of having us liquidate or move your data center equipment is quite simple:

Data center migration process:


1 – Identify the equipment you are looking to sell or move (e-mail us a list).

2 – Our valuations team will promptly assess the list of equipment to let you know if there is sufficient value in the equipment (or size of the job) for us to get involved, or will ask any follow-up questions we may have to make such a determination.

3 – If we are able to assist, we’ll provide you a quote quickly (usually same day).  If we can’t get involved, we’ll let you know why – and we’ll let you know that quickly so you can pursue other options.

4 – If you’re concerned about the data contained within the hard drives, check out our page talking about hard drive erasure on a corporate level.

Unlike your typical “moving company” that mainly works with household goods, we are very familiar with IT equipment and can ensure that the process goes smoothly for you.  We’re familiar with how movers operate, and typically the packaging, familiarity, and handling of their staff is not nearly up to par with what we expect from our own team as relates to IT.

If you’re on the fence about whether you want to move your data center equipment, or sell it, our team of data center equipment buyers can provide a complementary offer to purchase those items in addition to a relocation price.

Call us at 855-487-3769 or request a quote, and we’ll respond to you promptly.