Sell your used IT equipment to RepowerIT – here’s how the process works:

RepowerIT buys high-value lots of surplus new and used IT equipment including data center equipment such as servers, network switches, storage/SAN equipment, as well as VOIP phones, desktop computers, and laptops.  We’ve been in business since 2011 and have a large network of customers which enables us to provide quick and competitive offers for the products we purchase.

We perform data center liquidations on a regular basis, and can manage the entire process for you including removing the equipment from racks, to packing, and transport back to our facility.  No job is too far – and we mean it!  We’ve traveled as far as Asia to manage the entire decommissioning and packing process for equipment we’ve purchased, and we’ve performed other international liquidations as well.

What about your hard drive data? If you have sensitive data on your hard drives which you’d need us to destroy, learn more about our Hard Drive Destruction Services.  We can wipe, degauss, and/or destroy your hard drives.

If you’re ready to sell, here’s how to get started:

  1.  Identify what items you’d like to sell by creating an inventory or list.  We need as detailed of a summary as you can provide so that we have a basis for making our offer.  Typically, a good start would be manufacturer, model, condition (new or used), and quantity.  If you’re not sure how much info you need to provide, or have other questions, contact us.
  2.  Submit your inventory to us via the Sell Through Us page.  Your information is immediately submitted directly to a decision-making individual within RepowerIT, who will review the information you have submitted and determine our level of interest and reply promptly with a purchase offer, or to indicate we will pass if there is not enough value or interest in the equipment.
  3.  If you accept our offer, we can handle all logistics to acquire the equipment from you at our cost.  This applies to sizable lots of equipment only, which would justify our logistics costs associated with coming to retrieve the equipment from you.  For smaller lots, we’d need you to pack the equipment for shipping, and we can arrange collection of it from you through a shipping company.
  4.  We will pay you for the equipment as agreed to in our e-mail correspondence, and on the purchase order which we will provide for your records.  We have excellent references and can provide those on a case by case basis.

To get started, visit our “Sell Through Us” page and send us a list of your equipment today.