Hard Drive Destruction: How It Works

Companies looking for buyers of used IT equipment and other technology assets need to consider who will be responsible for hard drive data destruction.  It’s important to ensure you’re working with a legitimate, experienced business such as RepowerIT to ensure that sensitive data has been rendered irrecoverable.  Our company can work with your organization to ensure that all information is removed from any electronic media prior to resale or use, and we can provide certification upon completion of the process.

We can wipe, degauss, and/or destroy your hard drives.

  • Hard Drive Wiping Service: We utilize department of defense standard software to completely erase all information. This process performs multiple overwrites of data, ensuring that your data has been rendered irrecoverable
  • Hard Drive Degaussing Service: We own a Garner Products hard drive degaussing machine which exposes hard drives to a powerful magnetic field, rendering your data, and the hard drive, obsolete.  This service is not available for Solid State Drives or other flash storage devices.
  • Physical Hard Drive Destruction: Our company has custom manufactured a device which allows us to penetrate your hard drive with approximately 6,000 pounds of force. This “press” machine goes right through the platter of your drive, twists and oftentimes cracks the casing itself. Your hard drive will literally be turned into pieces.

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Data RemovalA growing number of companies wish to remain “anonymous” when their surplus assets are sold, having their products debranded so that the end buyer of their assets does not know who the original owner was.  If you were to purchase a used car from a dealership, the dealer generally will reset navigation history and remove any personally identifiable information of who the previous owner was, essentially protecting the seller’s identity.  Why is this important?  Say that you purchased a used vehicle – and later discovered that the premium factory sound system was torn out and replaced with a cheap aftermarket sound system by the original seller – you then wouldn’t know who had owned the vehicle previously and be able to “bother” them about why they would do such a thing.

The same principle applies with identity removal from your surplus corporate assets.  RepowerIT, if included in our contract with you, can help reduce the likelihood that any buyer of your assets would be able to pursue your organization in the event of a warranty, or other claim, by removing personally identifiable information about your company from your assets.

Asset Tag Removal & Reporting

Many organizations employ a variety of techniques to safeguard their tangible property – such as company-branded asset tags.  These asset tags are oftentimes used internally to help track the book value of a specific company asset, so many companies, when selling their assets, need to know the asset IDs of each item they have sold to remove them from their books.  We can record the asset tags of any surplus item from your organization, and provide a full report of these to you so that they can be removed from your company’s books.  Additionally, we can remove and/or destroy the asset tags themselves so that the items your company is getting rid of are not so easy to recognize in the used marketplace, or by the end buyer, as having originated from your company’s ownership.

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