Consignment Partnership for Surplus IT Equipment

Entering into a consignment partnership with RepowerIT enables us to conduct our own thorough inventory of your organization’s equipment, test it (if necessary), and strategically sell it piece-by-piece or in smaller lots to our large network of high paying buyers.  This program is best for organizations which are looking to truly maximize the money they receive for their equipment, and are willing to wait a short time to get their money, as opposed to conducting a fire-sale of their assets which almost always gets much less money in return for up-front payment.

You don’t have to chase us down for reports or payment. We provide reporting and payment to you when we are supposed to.

Ideal candidates for a consignment program with RepowerIT are companies which generally:

  • May expect to have additional lots of IT equipment available in the near future, and does not want to have to haggle with buyers each time additional equipment becomes available
  • Would like to avoid having an “as-is, where-is firesale” of their company’s assets, receiving what is usually much less for their IT equipment
  • Have larger, more valuable lots of equipment and would like to truly maximize the value in this hardware
  • Aren’t entirely sure of what information possible buyers will need from them to provide a fair, competitive offer, so would like to have someone with industry experience conduct a thorough, accurate inventory
  • Want the most money out of their equipment
  • Prefer to deal with one company, and not have to worry about it again in the future

Our company has a demonstrable history of working with a growing number of billion-plus dollar sized companies, we’d love to hear about what your specific needs are and at that point can determine if consignment, or direct purchase, would be right for you. We work with smaller companies as well, and review all equipment opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

Get started by visiting our “Sell Through Us” page and submitting as much information as possible regarding the equipment you have available. We respond to all inquiries promptly. Our team of IT hardware buyers will respond promptly.