IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) & Recycling

The importance of security today is greater than ever, with every aspect of your business relying more and more on technology. At RepowerIT we take pride in providing our clients with the very best service when it comes to the proper disposal of your organization’s end of life IT equipment. 

Beyond Hard Drives

Proper disposal of your equipment goes beyond the proper handling of your hard drive data. Our trained technicians look over every piece of equipment to ensure the proper removal of all labels, asset tags, and any other physical data attached to your outdated hardware.

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Recycling Experts

RepowerIT takes recycling seriously. Once your hardware has been thoroughly inspected for any information associated with it, our trained technicians will sort through your equipment, ensuring all items are properly disposed of. Many of the materials that go into IT hardware are recyclable and we take pride in doing our part in helping the environment. Recycling can take on a different meaning depending upon if the equipment is at the end of its life, or if it still holds resale value. By recycling as much of the materials we handle as possible, it not only reduces the amount of waste in landfills, but can also provide a financial benefit to your organization.

Financial Benefits of IT Recycling

How does the disposal and recycling of your IT hardware benefit you financially? At RepowerIT, if your hardware and its components have any value, we can pay you for it. Your outdated technology may be an upgrade for others, and with RepowerIT’s highly connected network of clients, we can maximize the value of your devices.

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