Liquidation Services for the IT IndustryRepowerIT is a liquidator of surplus IT equipment for many organizations in the IT services & software industry.  We liquidate IT equipment, offer data destruction services, and can also handle the removal of equipment from your facility or data center.  Some of the types of organizations we work with include:

  • Telecommunications company liquidations – if your organization is looking to sell used and surplus VOIP phones, network switches, or your old phone system, we can help
  • Software development firms – we can physically destroy any hard drives containing sensitive data, and sell surplus IT equipment on your behalf to get your company top dollar for it
  • Data centers – if you are refreshing the equipment in your company’s data center, or even need to vacate the space, we can handle the entire process from the point the electricity has been disconnected and can even remove and sell the flooring from your data center

We work with large end users of equipment, maintenance companies, systems integrators, and more.  Contact us if your organization is looking to sell used IT equipment.