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So you’ve got too much equipment clogging up your networking center. It may look like a pain to you, but it looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship to us!

We’re RepowerIT, and our job is simple. When you’re ready to liquidate, we’re there to move it, peruse it, and cut you a fat check. With reach throughout the United States and beyond, no trip is too far. And with our zest for premium hardware, no lot is too big.

That goes double if you’ve got Cisco to spare. We’re ravenous used Cisco buyers- Cisco’s reliability, innovation, and strong support demand a pretty penny on the resale market. So if you’re ready to part with some, we’re ready to give you convenience and top dollar in return.


cisco-switchesHow It Works

First, let’s just talk. We love talking. Tell us what you’ve got, how much of it, and when you want it moved. We’ll get back with you in a flash.

After the talk is talked and the paperwork finished, we’ll roll out the troops while you kick back. We clean house from top to bottom, even if your gear is still mounted in racks. Just relax while our experienced technicians unrack it, pack it, and cart it away.

Finally, we check it all over in our facilities. It doesn’t take long. Within 7-10 business days, you’ve got money in your pocket without a drop of sweat on your brow. You simply couldn’t find a slicker bunch of used Cisco buyers to work with!


What We Need

The marketplace dictates demand and payoff. So if you’ve got these hot little Cisco gems, there are definitely buyers waiting:

  • VOIP Phones
  • Switches
  • Wireless Equipment/Controllers
  • Routers
  • Firewall/Security Appliances
  • Cisco Modules

Don’t see any of your gear on our list? Get in touch anyway. Fortunes have a way of lining up around here.


What Now?
Do we sound like a good fit? Have some more questions? We’d love to start a conversation with you about your equipment. Just reach out and let’s engineer a winning bargain together!

[photos courtesy of Cisco]