Used Computer Buyers:  Buy & Sell Used Computer Equipment

Our team of experienced used computer buyers can buy all of your organization’s resalable IT equipment, and we can also recycle anything which does not carry any resale value.  If data security is of concern, we can degauss, wipe, and/or destroy the data contained within any hard drives if contracted to perform this service as a part of our agreement with your organization.

We are buyers of the following types of used IT equipment:

  • Buyers of used computers, desktops and laptops/notebooks
  • Buyers of used servers, rack-mount, tower, and mainframe
  • Buyers of used cisco switches/routers, and other major brands including:  HP, Avocent, Juniper, F5 Networks, to name a few
  • Buyers of data center IT equipment, and provide data center flooring removal services (5,000 square foot or larger data centers)
  • Buyers of used LCD monitors
  • Buyers of used Cisco phones, including Nortel and some other major brands

We are buyers of high value used IT equipment, and also sell used computers and equipment to our large network of end users and dealers.  To get started, tell us what you have available and we will respond to you promptly.  All purchase and sale inquiries must be conducted via our online contact forms which are reviewed constantly by our team.