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Obsolescence has set in, and it’s time to refit your computers. New toys are nice! But wouldn’t it be nicer to have someone move out the old ones en masse? Better yet, wouldn’t you like to turn a tidy profit in the process? After all, you’ve treated your computers well, and they’ve still got lots of life in them. Surely they’re useful to someone…


They are, and we can guide you through the tedium from start to finish! We have relationships with used computer buyers all over the country. So if you’ve got computers to sell, we’ve got the setup and deep pockets to make you a great deal!


The RepowerIT Way

RepowerIT has been serving used computer buyers for years. So when you’re ready to profit by our relationships, you just give us a call. We come in, box everything up, and resell what we receive. Just sit back, relax, and draw a nice big check from the whole thing.


How do you know you’re really getting the goods? We’ve got years of experience, a small army of technicians, and can travel across the country. We’ve got the know-how and savvy to guide you seamlessly through liquidation. And our used computer buyers go far in making you a tidy profit.


But What Do We Want?

We need computers in large quantities! But if you have the most popular business machines- HP, IBM, and Dell Optiplex and Latitude series- we’re especially interested. These are in highest demand among used computer buyers, and we’re happy to offer a premium for them.


Have other machines? Just ask! We have clients of every stripe, so we can probably find your computers a new home.


What About Data Destruction?

Not a problem! We’re set up to wipe or physically destroy your company’s hard drives, so don’t fret about leakage. It’s just one more way we make your life easier.


mouse-clickWhat if I have just one?

We’re typically looking for lots of 30 plus PC’s, but if you have some particular newer machines give us a call, we’d love to talk to you about it!


How To Get Started

Just reach out and tell us what you need. We’ll be back with you quickly and roll out the troops before you know it. It couldn’t be easier or more profitable!