Used IT Equipment Buyers

Let us paint you a picture- there’s an organization that’s on the up and up and expanding quickly. They need great equipment, and they need it fast. But they’re a little wary of paying too much. Something with a few miles on it is fine for their needs.

This is an everyday story, and your organization can capitalize on it! RepowerIT is in touch with tons of used IT equipment buyers, people who don’t want to pay full retail. So if you’re looking to clean house or upgrade your operation, RepowerIT is a very profitable first step.


The RepowerIT Way

When companies like yours want to free up space, they call us. We have a very specific function- go in, clean house, and resell what we receive. We love having top shelf equipment in perfect working order, and we pay good money for it.

RepowerIT will travel to any location in the world and purchase your used IT equipment. Better yet, we won’t nickel and dime you for tiny imperfections- we understand that these don’t depreciate the value of quality IT equipment.

Even more, we’ve got years of experience in the industry and will navigate the entire process of buying your goods, leaving you with nothing but a nice profit.


But What Do We Want?

Anything and everything! We serve clients across the country, so we’ve become a small nation of tech.

Desktop and laptop computers, servers, mainframes, networking gear (especially Cisco!), VoIP phones, LCD Monitors, firewalls, and wireless appliances; we especially love HP, Dell, Cisco, Shoretel, and Polycom.

If it can be used by a business, we want it!


How To Get Started

Just reach out and tell us your needs. We’ll be back with you lickity split and have the trucks rolling out in no time. The process couldn’t be easier, and the check couldn’t be fatter!