Server Rack Hard DisksSo you need to beef up your network? That’s great news- it means things are going well for your organization! But finding an elegant and profitable way of moving your old servers out can be frustrating.


At least it used to be.


Enter RepowerIT. We’ve got relationships with used server buyers all over the country, so we’re always happy to take your old equipment off your hands. We also have the organization and the experience to make the transition painless and profitable.


The RepowerIT Way

We’re in business because of the resale market, used servers included. So when you’re ready to profit by our relationships, just give us a call. We come in, do the heavy lifting, and take it all back to our facilities. All you have to do is let us in and cash the check.


How do we do it? We have been in the industry for several years and have access to impressive man power throughout the United States and beyond.  We’ve successfully completed hundreds of liquidations and know the exact process to make things run smoothly. Ready to make a profit?


But What Do We Want?

We specialize in Dell Poweredges, HP Proliants. and IBM servers. Blade servers of practically any make are more than welcome.

What about all the peripherals that surround a data center? We’ll take those on too! While we’re in the area we can usually take care of all the extras as well!


How to Get Started

Ready for us to manage your server liquidation? Just reach out and we’ll get things rolling. Avoid the cumbersome process of moving servers while you make some bank- that’s what RepowerIT’s all about.