Used VOIP Phone Buyers

voip phone Has your business outgrown its current phone system?

Rather than continuing to patch into an outdated network, consider the advantages of having a Voice over IP (VoIP) system.

It lets you bundle your phone, data, and video operations into one streamlined package. You can purchase new phones through us at a steep retail discount, or you opt to become used VoIP phone buyers. Either way, your organization reaps increased productivity and shrewd savings.


What is VoIP?

Traditional phones physically patch into a vast analog network. Comparatively speaking, this method is slow, expensive, hard to maintain, and unproductive.

Rather than relying on a phone carrier, VoIP uses your data provider to manage phone services. You’ll be using one seamless network for all your office communication- web service, phone calls, video conferencing, voicemail, you name it!


The Advantages of VoIP

  • Cheaper and clearer calls
  • The ability to call, check voicemail, integrate email, and video conference from a single device
  • Includes many free features you used to have to pay for- voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, and unlimited long distance service
  • Adding lines is a breeze, so your network will never stifle your business’s growth
  • Makes remote work and intraoffice collaboration a cinch


Why RepowerIT?

When businesses liquidate or downsize, they call us to clean house. So we have tons of great VoIP phones, and we can sell them for a song. Buying through RepowerIT lets you kit your outfit at a bargain!

We’ve got all the big boys- Cisco, Samsung, Avaya, Nortel, and ShoreTel. And we might even be interested in buying your old phone components, which could save you even more!

And if you want to buy new phones through us, that’s also great. We’ve got some great vendor relationships, and we’re glad to let you in on them. So whether you want to be used VoIP phone buyers or not, you’ll be getting breaks that will make your competition fume!

Reach Out

Ready to become one of our new or used VoIP phone buyers? We’d love to hear from you! Visit us today and we’d be happy to show you our current crop of VoIP phones.