RepowerIT is a best in class Cisco reseller of high quality, leading edge IT equipment.

In today’s business environment, it behooves company owners, IT managers, CTO’s and anyone responsible for the operation of a business network, phone system, or information technology department to source their equipment needs carefully.  Utilizing top quality, refurbished Cisco equipment can add to the bottom line without sacrificing quality or service.

Adding refurbished, current generation Cisco products can provide your company with a significant savings (sometimes up to as much as 90%) when compared to purchasing the same as new equipment.  But why buy used equipment from Cisco resellers other than the savings?

  • Cisco is a world class provider of network equipment.
  • Purchasing slightly used and refurbished Cisco equipment from a used Cisco reseller assures the business that “the bugs” have been overcome.
  • Sticker shock of buying new Cisco products is removed, yet you get the same high quality, fully tested equipment.
  • You are enabling your business to operate more efficiently by using the best equipment available – with a very reasonable investment.

Now that you’ve realized why purchasing refurbished Cisco equipment is so beneficial, we want you to understand why you can trust making your next Cisco purchase with RepowerIT.

  • We are an experienced equipment reseller that guarantees that your experience working with us is just as high quality as the Cisco equipment that you are purchasing.
  •  We fully test everything we sell making certain that when you get it, it works
  • We make the purchasing decision easy by shipping your equipment quickly and cost-effectively, either directly from our stock, or partner warehouses within the United States and Canada.
  • RepowerIT makes certain that the Cisco products you purchase from us are REAL, genuine Cisco, not some aftermarket knock off.
  • RepowerIT backs the equipment we sell with a warranty

Buying refurbished Cisco products from RepowerIT is a smart decision.  It may be slightly used, but we know how important it is.  New-to-you products are what we do!

And, when the time comes that you may have some quality, used equipment to “find a home for”, you can turn to RepowerIT for that solution as well.  We buy or provide consignment services for all types of IT products.  Click here to find out more.